Friday’s Odds and Ends

I’m finally back among the living after a week of being really sick. Not the COVID, thank God. Had a bad reaction to some new pain meds the neurologist prescribed for my trigeminal neuralgia. It took several days for that med, and the ones to counteract side-effects of that drug, to leave my system. After …

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Sitting on a Fortune Book Blog Tour and Review

SITTING ON A FORTUNE The Sisters, Texas Book 9  by BECKI WILLIS Genre: Cozy Mystery / Romance / Women Sleuths Publisher: Clear Creek Publishing Date of Publication: February 11, 2020 Number of Pages: 228 Scroll down for giveaway!   Hidden fortune. Hidden danger.  Madison Reynolds deCordova is about to uncover a dangerous secret…literally. During In …

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Dear Census Bureau

Since journalists, pundits, judges, and government officials are having a heavy debate about the upcoming census and what questions might be on it, I thought it appropriate to share this March 2010 letter that my friend Slim Randles sent to the census bureau back then. In terms of money being wasted and unnecessary questions, not …

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Mush You Huskies

Slim Randles is here today to kick the weekend off with a reminiscence of a special time in his life. I think it is good, and important, to look back on experiences that meant so much to us. In remembering, we are living it again in a sense, and that brings joy and contentment and …

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