Review Guidelines

Please query me  if you would like to request a book review. In the past, I was a professional book and theatre reviewer for newspapers and magazines, so I follow those journalism standards of not always reviewing every book I receive, as well as giving an honest review, not just an endorsement.


For me to even consider your book, I appreciate a professional approach in a query telling me who you are, the title and genre of your book and a short book blurb. Please also include a link where I can find out more about the book. Please do not send the book unless requested. Also indicate whether you would like to do a guest post.

While I do not award stars or any other rating symbols to my reviews here, I also post them on Amazon and Goodreads, where I do use the star rating system. If I cannot like a book well enough to give it at least three stars, I usually pass on doing the review. If I do give a book three stars, it is because I thought the book was good. I will give four stars to a book I find excellent, and five stars to one that is outstanding. I rarely give five stars.

The genres I prefer are mystery, suspense, thriller, women’s fiction, memoir, humor, and mainstream. I rarely review fantasy, paranormal, horror, or sci-fi, as I am not fond of those genres, so I don’t consider myself qualified to review them. I do not read or review erotica.

Please do not leave a comment as your review request. Contact me at maryann (at) with your query.

Happy Writing!



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