What a Surprise

Actually, not such a surprise. Most of us already realize that common sense does not seem all that common in Washington. That came to mind today when I read the following news item: “Government watchdogs are telling a Senate panel that the Obama administration’s multibillion effort to help at-risk homeowners avoid foreclosure is not working …

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A Fine Mess

All the news about the gulf oil spill brings to mind a signature line from old Laurel & Hardy routines, “It’s a fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Ollie.” Stan Laurel would say that to Oliver Hardy when they had blundered into something totally ridiculous and the audience would roar with laughter. But “It’s a …

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Government For the People, Not the Party

Alex Massie, a British journalist, recently wrote an insightful column about the fact that our current government is less than competent. Far less than competent. His article was printed in the Dallas Morning News, but first appeared at Massie started his essay by mentioning the fact that pressure was put on FDR to restrict …

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